I have been a trainer for twenty years, mainly training trainers. So I pay close attention to the pedagogical skills of those who I learn with. I have had different Spanish teachers but Anna is the best, because she is the most complete of all, for the technical aspects, the relationship she establishes and the lesson environment that she can achieve; extremely effective. She also invests as much as she can so that her student can get the maximum amount of learning possible, and manages to achive this goal in varied, creative, extremely pleasant and very efficient way. The seriousness with which she does this work, the attention she gives to the student always has an attitude of support and a positive state of mind. All this makes her a very special educator, but she teaches with an absolutely incredible naturalness, as if she was born for it, so simply. I have to thank her not only for the learning itself, but how motivated and happy I was to learn with her.

Ana Oliveira Training Manager and Trainer