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I have been a trainer for twenty years, mainly training trainers. So I pay close attention to the pedagogical skills of those who I learn with. I have had different Spanish teachers but Anna is the best, because she is the most complete of all, for the technical aspects, the relationship she establishes and the lesson environment that she can…

Ana Oliveira Training Manager and Trainer

When I became her student I was unemployed. Learning a new language was exciting for me, but doing it with you was very important. Her relaxed but demanding attitude, her attention to detail without losing the bigger picture, taught me a lot. The love for the Spanish language was growing and growing throughout her classes. I passed an official exam DELE…

Clara Calejo Luso-Colombian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Management Advisor

Anna is an excellent teacher; the lesson content is very well organized and created according to need. She listens to the students and can adapt to the needs of the group. Anna, congratulations for you commitment and energy. I recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the Spanish language.

Ana Vitorino Executive Coach. Iberia and Latin America

I loved her teaching method, her patience and commitment. Also important was the fact that Anna speaks Portuguese, which for me was a plus.

Luisa Costa Retired (ex- Human Resources Manager)

Anna, besides being a nice and kind teacher, is incredibly professional. I would highlight the sense of responsibility with which she prepares and teaches the lessons.

Mariana Morgado Accounting Technician

I would say that her classes were a combination of efficiency and lightness. The idea of her that stayed with me, is that she is a fierce person, without fear, that was in her comfort zone while teaching. She gave lightness to the classes, without letting them get off track. I am a fan,

Rosário Gomes Clerk