About Me


and why is she different?

“Hello, I am Anna and I am your Spanish teacher. I love my job and I work with passion, the secret behind my student’s great results. Your needs are unique, so you need tailored lessons. Tell me what you need and together we can achieve your Spanish Language goal!”

I am Spanish, from Barcelona. At the moment, I live in Lisbon, such an inspiring city. Besides Spanish I also speak Catalan, Portuguese and English. I have lived abroad for the last 15 years, so I perfectly understand the challenge of learning a new language, being afraid of making mistakes and embarrassed for my foreign accent. I discovered the way of overcome all this mental obstacles. I have been teaching Spanish for more than ten years and I love my job. When you work with passion you deliver great results and you know what I mean because it goes the same way in every job. I really care about my students and their learning process. Ah! I love to read, talk, discuss and learn about the news, economics, culture, society, geography, arts…all while teaching my language, Spanish.

I​ studied education and I have a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I’m also an official examiner for DELE exams, from the Instituto Cervantes. Could it be a better combination to be ready to teach you Spanish? I have experience working with students ranging from 10 to 70 years old. I am a positive and kind. In my lessons you will feel comfortable and relaxed to learn without pressure. ​How do I know that I am a good teacher? Simple, my student’s feedback: They say that I am a responsible, communicative, able to create a positive learning environment and a very creative teacher, I am sure you will share the same opinion. Read their testimonals. Let’s start our lessons!